ART THAT WORKS. A changing Space for the creation, exchange, connection, experimentation, learning and general transformation. Conservas is also a theater company and action . Conservas produces actions, media-shares and other tools. Conservas organizes events that allow us to see and think about what is happening. Conservas promotes projects and networks of citizen action. Conservas …


Performing space

Since 1993. Mind your head! You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 4PM till 8PM. Often we organize open workshops about new technologies and other tools (be update in the blog). Address: C/ Sant Pau 58 Bajos – 08001 Barcelona – metro: Liceu – Tlf: (+34)933020630 Ver mapa más grande Multiporpose venue of …



Innmotion Festival Applied scenic and visual arts [more info] [2009] [2007] [2005] [2002] [2001] The oXcars The biggest free culture event of all times Because their busines is not our culture. We are destroying a monopoly. [2013] [2012] [2011] [2010] [2009] [2008]


WATCH DVD This interactive DVD offers solutions to crisis-struck governments, political parties and the powers that be, to pacify their citizens’ discontent, to clear up all misunderstanding and to stop citizens taking their rights into their own hands. The Advanced Realities Foundation – one spectator, one vote Includes: Tools for action, videos, animations, documentation, photos …


Simona Levi & Texts

Biography (source wikipedia) Simona Levi is the coordinator of CONSERVAS. She is an italian multidisciplinary artist and activist based in Barcelona, Spain, since 1990. She is a prominent activist in european social movements that support the free circulation of knowledge, and has actively participated in movements in defense of the right to housing and the …