7Dust, Non Lavoreremo Mai show


Pictures from the show:


…direct and immediate energy and stimulus with striking images and fragments of inspiration and genius, defying labels, defying the boundaries between genres and disciplines, an exercise in pure intuition. …an suggestive radical cabaret, every number a capsule of life. …great visual and emotional force from the cast. …spectacular creativity from the people working under the Conservas umbrella.
Juan Carlos Olivares, AVUI – 23.10.02

Conservas keeps the spirit of modernity alive stressing the vital, the nonconformist. 7 DUST is a criticism of how it is possible to suck all content out of culture and how society swallows it all with a satisfied smile. 7 DUST casts a philosophical stone from the apparent frivolity of multimedia cabaret, a quick route to recovering the pulse of a lost modernity.
Pablo Ley, EL PAIS – 23.10.02

…Conservas never stops dynamiting all conventions. You’ll leave with the agreeable sensation of having laughed to your heart’s content without the least bit of conventional humour.
Ramón Olivé,
QUE FEM? – 25.10.02

Laughing with and at our worries: that is the curative power of 7 DUST, a show which is – in the positive sense – pure entertainment. …a troupe of actors, dancers and performers in great form threading together an undeniably rounded work. A subversive, critical, anarchist piece founded on a corrosive and deliciously mainstream humour with a healing touch, arousing the complacent spectator with rapid-fire, brainstorming inspiration.
Enrique Baró Ubach,
MONDO SONORO – November 2002

…the most rabid contemporaneousness and hybridisation of genres. …dynamic and vital. A satire … getting it right with its conception of the stage show as modern cabaret involving the audience – a constant in the works by Conservas.
Santiago Fondevila, LA VANGUARDIA – 19.10.02

…”tickling the conscience”. One of the most radical alternative works on stage in Barcelona at the moment. Provocative and ironic.
Gonzalo Perez de Olaguer, EL PERIîDICO – 23.10.02

An irrepressible dissident, that’s Simona Levi, a true icon on the Spanish performing arts scene thanks to her particular way of understanding theatre and life. A one-women orchestra, capable of juggling the jobs of actress, art director and stage director. An artist who has found her favourite muse in our flawed society.
Laura Sanjuan, VANIDAD, October 2002

Simona Levi…an original, coherent with something to say, a relentless cultural agitator, an inexhaustible source of surprises.
Javier Vallejo, EL PAIS DE LAS TENTACIONES – 18.10.02

Scenes from the show:


with: Judit Saula, Agnes Mateus, Albert Rial, Maddish Falzoni
Directed by: Simona Levi en colaboración con Dominique Grandmougin
videodancers: Mònica Muntaner, Sofia Asencio, Mireia Serra
Music: Maddish Falzoni y Gat, Xavi Marx, Mónica Oca
test: Espacio Tangente
stage: Lali Canosa, EBA, Conservas
and: Mariana Jarolavsky, Arco y Flecha, Daniel Burgas, Carlos Cervera and the boys.

7Dust Press

TOUR 2002-2004

Barcelona, Mercat de les Flors (PREMIÈRE)
Barcelona, Museo de la Ciencia
Lleida, teatro Escorxador
Bilbao, La Fundición
Torino, “Follia a Teatro La follia dei linguaggi” (Italy)
Villeneuve d’Ascq, La Rose des Vents “Scènes étrangères” (France)
Milano, festival “Danae” (Italy)
Pisa, “Metamorfosi” (Italy)
Poznan, “Malta” (Poland)
Perigueux, “Mimos” (France)
Nyon, “Far” (Switzerland)
Ljubljana, “Mladi levi” (Slovenie)
Bruxelles, “Bellone brigittines” (Belgium)
Palermo, teatro Libero (Italy)
Madrid, “Escena Contemporánea”
Santiago de Compostela, sala Nasa
Toulouse, Théâtre National (France)
Rijeka, “drugo more” (Croazia)
Clermont l’Herault, Théâtre Principal (France)
Helsinki, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary art (Finland)
Lecce, teatro Koreja (Italy)
Groningen, Noorderzon Festival (Nederland)
Lille, Festival Inter Universitaire du Spectacle Vivant (France)