The EXGAE opens


WEDNESDAY 14th of MAY – 19,30h

Multiply and share forth. For the free sharing of knowledge and understanding. At Conservas, Calle Sant Pau 58 – Barcelona

The grand opening of the EXGAE, the first legal advice service specialising in the liberation of all citizens and creators from the abuses of the SGAE and all other bureaucratic organisations.

The EXGAE opens with the notion of channelling the popular and justified hostility towards bureaucratic bodies like the SGAE, equipping people with artistic and legal skills to finally put an end to these entities.

The EXGAE fights, alongside the great majority of society, for alternative forms for the circulation of culture.

24 bodies, including associations and individuals, are behind this initiative, wich begins with the endorsement of almost 8000 people.

It is focused on informing and assisting the general populace (every one of us pays into the canon!) and in particular, giving legal advice to traders , creators, artists and producers alike.

Consult with the best lawyers.

Wednesday 14th May – 19.30h – Calle Sant Pau 58 bajos
Public presentation of the EXGAE: who we serve and how to use use us. The lawyers will join us, make them questions and come to resolve your doubts.
Burnstation by Platoniq, Tapeo by La Plateria, live Creative Commons music with Los Subwoofus and Brainstormlab, and VJ Offtv.
Free entrance.

Don’t miss it and by Christmas we’ll have Christmas carols copyright free.