InnMotion 2001

Other editions: [2009] [2007] [2005] [2002]

Actions, instalations, shows, dinner, cinema and some other snacks

    5, 6, 7 and 8 July – 20h
    Centro de cultura contemporánea Barcelona (CCCB)
    Capacity: 1000 people per day

Pictures from the festival:

Innmotion 2001 - festival


Pau Ros & Claire Ward-Thornton (Reino Unido), Hester Scheurwater, Renate Boere, Patricia Pattipeilohy (Holanda), Johan Lorbeer (Alemania), The Primitives (Bélgica-Francia), Maren Strack (Alemania), Leo Bassi (Italia), Christian Atanasiu, Jordi Teixidó, Silvia Sant Funk, T.Aragay, A.Waksman y General Eléctrica, La Carnicería (Madrid, España), Accidents Polipoètics, La Vana Gloria, Nico Baixas, Alfonso Vilallonga, 100.000 Retinas , Cineambigú, El Vicio, XmarX, Dj Abel, L1Atelier-art de vivre total, Dj César Gas, Vurt.Sound System



“…a window on to the formally alternative culture that probes the boundaries of the different arts, distaining the mere Intellectual speculation of the dominant cultures and conceiving art as experience and play.”
Santiago Fondevila – LA VANGUARDIA 3/7/02

“…an attempt to democratise culture, to make accessible all performances which might help us to reflect on the world we live in. ”
Javier Vallejo – EL PAIS TENTACIONES 28/6/02

“…about provoking and shaking up your brain through enjoyment for a public without prejudices open to surprise. The programme reflects the desires of contemporary creators to break down doors and cross thresholds, to reach out to the audience In the most direct and least mediatised manner, while leaving open new ways of participation. One seldom sees a more coherent, simple and direct programme. ”
Laura Kumin – EL CULTURAL 3/7/02

“…A great Invention! ”
EL PAIS 1/7/02

…without doubt the most refreshing invention of this Grec festival,…a benchmark for what our theatres might be if they allowed themselves to be led along by curiosity. A veritable delight… A splendid atmosphere… Conservas, a space where modernity has reigned for some years, organises In Motion.
Pablo Ley, EL PAIS 7/7/01

innmotion 2001 - Prensa


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