InnMotion 2002

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Actions, instalations, shows, dinners, cinema and some other ways of seeing

    4, 5, y 6 July. 20h-24h
    Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB)
    Capacity: 1000 people / day

Pictures from the festival:

Innmotion 2002 - Festival




Jean Damien Fleury, Nika Spalinger (swiss), Lawrence Malstaf (Belgium), Yomango (transnational corporation), Fred Abels (Holland), Semiautomatic, Alku y Andy Davies, Jacob Draminsky, Martín Wheleer y Andy Davies, Forced Entertainment (UK), La Ribot (Spain & UK), Pascal Comelade y Enric Casasses (Catalunya), L’Association fragile, Christian Rizzo (France), Grand Magazín (France), 100.000 Retinas, Cineambigú, El Vicio…

In the press:

innmotion 2002 - Prensa


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